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Free Oud Tutor helps you quickly learn how to play on your oud
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Wael Hegazy

Free Oud Tutor is an easy-to-use tool which helps you quickly learn how to play on your oud, a pretty rare, stringed musical instrument frequently used in Middle Eastern countries. It looks similar to a guitar, except it has a shorter neck and it's a bit curvy. You will have access to dozens of sample melodies to practice on while following the offered music sheets.

You will be able to configure the program's settings according to your needs by changing the oud's orientation (left/right handed - player/mirror view), opting for another note names (English -> C,D,E,F,G,A,B; French -> D,R,M... for Do, Re, Mi...) or setting how notes are displayed on the oud when a Maqam is or isn't selected. A Maqam is an Arabian song type based on improvisation and composition that best describes the Arabian music culture; each Maqam is built on a musical scale of seven notes that repeats at the octave.

The program comes with an integrated audio player which allows you to play the sample songs and learn how to manage this instrument tool. You can either use the keyboard by pressing on the indicated keys found on the sheet or you can use the mouse by clicking on the right notes.
You will also be able to change the tuning mode, number of octaves, playback speed or the resemblance between the keyboard keys and music notes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast and easy way to learn how to play on your oud, you should definitely try Free Oud Tutor.

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  • Practice using keyboard or mouse
  • Comes with dozens of sample songs to practice on


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